Complete E92 M3 Rear End swap into a BMW 335IS. Need suggestions!!!


Apr 18, 2020
Hello everyone, I was looking at Facebook forums last night and found a deal I couldn't refuse. Someone a couple hours from me was selling a complete E92 m3 rear end, and I mean complete as in everything possible was there. 3.15 diff, brakes, rotors, driveshaft, axles, subframe, control arms ect everything bolted together in one unit ready to go. I drove straight down after work and I picked it up for $1450. Will post pictures soon!!

Also while the whole rear end is out, I will be refreshing bushings to

Turner Solid Rear Subframe Bushing Set
I heard m3 guys love this setup with no increase NVH.

Purple poly powerflex differential bushings
after research saw this was best setup for performance with little NVH

Roque engineering transmission mounts
Nothing but great things from these on fourms

I already have a S55 Flywheel that has been waiting to go in. will be doing that

I want to sandblast and powercoat the subframe as there is some rust. There is also rust on driveshaft and LSD so will be cleaning that.

Also I have ST XTA coilovers all around, I saw that shock will not fit in the rear anymore, does anyone recommend what shock i can get, can i keep the ST spring and just get a different shocks for the m3??

Do you think the control arms bushings and everything need to be replaced? I am not sure how long this been out of the orginal car it looks like at least a year or more.
Let me know what other suggestions i should be doing while subframe is out.


Nov 2, 2017
135i N55 DCT; PS2
Did you ever finish this? Any tips or lessons learned?