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Nov 16, 2016
Toronto, Canada


BMS Turbo BMW WMI Water/Meth/Alky Injection Kits
Water/Methanol/Alcohol injection commonly referred to as WMI allow you to make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas. The effect is similar to running 100 octane race gas or E85 fuel all the time with the additional cooling benefits allowing for more power than you can make on race gas or E85 alone.

The key to a safe and effective WMI setup is tuning integration. All BMS kits integrate to the JB4 tuning system allowing for precise mapping based on boost, throttle position, engine speed, intake temperature, advance, gear, and other data elements available to the JB4 through its CANbus system. In addition a pump flow signal is fed back to the JB4 allowing for a safe and smooth progressive boost mapping. If the tank runs empty or flow drops for any reason the JB4 will safely back down performance to avoid knock. In addition WMI can be activated or disabled from the driver’s seat, will automatically disengage during traction control or safety map situations, and WMI flow data can displayed in dash and/or via your JB4 Mobile logging device.

BMS kits include a high quality 220psi Aquatec WMI pump (the industry standard), methanol compatible solenoid with filter, compression fittings reducing the risk of dangerous leaks, and all required wiring and mounting hardware.
There are two decisions to be made when selecting a WMI kit. Which tank and which nozzles.
We offer 3 distinct styles of tanks.

1) 1 Gallon Universal tank: The least expensive option this tank is compact and flexible allowing for a wide range of mounting on any flat vertical surface in the trunk. The tank is clear to allow visually checking the fluid level.

2) 2.3 Gallon Integrated tank: This tank allows the methanol pump to mount to the bottom of the tank making for a clean and fast installation. It’s universal in nature and will fit a wide variety of applications. The larger capacity means more time between WMI fill ups. We offer this tank in both clear and black.

3) 3 Gallons F series Stealth tank: Our newest offering, this completely custom design fits in the hidden trunk cavity found in 2013+ F3X and 2015+ F8X chassis vehicles. The WMI pump mounts directly to the bottom of the tank allowing for a quick and clean installation. The bottom of the tank includes a sump and baffle allowing for consistent performance even as the tank drains.

The nozzles are determined by the intended power and how many bungs your chargepipe has. The nozzles are 1/8” NPT and screw in to bungs included on most aftermarket chargepipes. Our "super atomizing" nozzles are provided by CoolingMist and well known for their great attomization and flow characteristics. The nozzle number represents the approximate gallons per hour of fluid when at full flow. Generally speaking running two smaller nozzles is preferred to one larger nozzle for an equal flow to improve fluid atomization and distribution. Below are some general nozzle suggestions but feel free to email us for nozzle advice if your situation is unique.

N20/N26: Single CM7
N54/N55 with factory turbo(s): Single CM10 or dual CM5
N54/N55 with larger hybrid turbo(s): Single CM12 or dual CM7
B48 with factory or larger turbo: Dual CM5
B58 with factory or larger turbo: Dual CM7
S55 with factory turbo(s): Dual CM5
S55 with larger hybrid turbo(s): Dual CM7
S63TU with factory or larger turbos: Dual CM10