PROMO bootmod3 - Mobile App for Android OS - Now available to public


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Oct 24, 2016
We have pushed the Android version of the mobile app out of closed (private) beta :thumsup:

You can now download it like any other app in the Google Play store. Here's a link to the web based interface of Google Play:

bootmod3 - Android Apps on Google Play

You can also search for it on any Android device. The app is a free download and anyone can sign up. To use the features the following are required:

- bootmod3 License - purchased on our website or through a bootmod3 dealer here (we'll have it part of the app down the road).

- One time DME unlock - provided at our home location or any of our unlocker dealers. Message us for a dealer in your area.

- BMW ENET cable

Optionally, the OBD device can be purchased as an add-on or separately. It is a convenience always-on option removing the need for a laptop in the car. If you find yourself often logging, switching maps, running the live dash then having the laptop in the car can get old pretty quickly and this option is great in that case.

We're still providing our OTS Stage 1 and 2 91/93 maps free of charge, along with testing on OTS E85 maps for any new customers as we gather further feedback and add further ROM support. Limit of 1 OTS map per customer.

Any questions feel free. Development and enhancements never stop on this side and the app will continue to see updates on a regular basis along with the iOS app that is slated to be released in beta very soon.


Nov 5, 2016
Gilbert, AZ
Can the monitoring and logging piece of MHD be used on an F10? I understand it is not supported yet for flashing (but waiting anxiously)!