BMW Spring Service Center


Nov 2, 2016
If anyone hasn't attended one of your local BMW Spring Service Center events here's a little info.

Got a letter in the mail about 2 weeks to a week prior the event. You have to RSVP so they have a head count and can act accordingly. Whole process took about 1 hour. You have a chance to win a free iPad Mini 2 with your confirmation number, a complimentary gift bag for showing up, and a complimentary multi-point inspection. I really only went for the inspection since I have a couple issues that needed diagnosing.

As far as the inspection goes, it's just that. A visual inspection. I've done all my maintainance so there wasn't much I needed, except oem intake filter change and diff fluid change. However I was really hoping I would get some feedback on my A/C, possible pulley noises, and a couple other problems that need diagnosing. They really only knew I needed the filter and fluid because of maintainance records. Oh well, it was free lol.

The gifts are nice though. Free shirt, BMW pen, and a dope coffee mug that probably doesn't fit in my cup holder. If you ever get chance, definitely take them up on the Spring Service Clinic event. Just bring a fully charged phone/book for the wait
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