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Jan 23, 2023
wanting to use some recent BMW interior Dome lights in old school muscle cars hoping you guys can help me out please as im not sure where to get this info and I dont want to give up on the idea
Hi Guys I need some help PLEASE and dont know where to find it.
I need to know the wiring for this rear cabin light from the 2017-22 BMW F90 M5 G30 G32 GT G11 G12 G01 X3 G02 X4 series
BMW Part number 43684861401 or 6848614
I want to retro fit it to a old school muscle car so need to know what each colour wire does and if I can simply run this with 12 Volts and earth etc or what is needed to get this to work off the switches on the light.
Attached are some pics and all the info I could find but it doesnt tell me which wire is which.
There are 4 wires and from memory they are
Red with yellow stripe
Black with grayish stripe
Purple with white or grey stripe
colours may be a little different to what i have mentioned as i am working of a pic i took
Help would most appreciated


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