BMW F22 M240i first to break 700 HP

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Oct 18, 2016
Yesterday @[email protected]_Boost_Turbo and @PTF were the first to exceed 700 whp on the B58 platform in a F22 M240i. This car is running the BigBoost Stage 3 turbo kit (Master Power 6164 and cast twin-scroll manifold) at 27 PSI. The vehicle is tuned on bootmod3 with 10 degrees of timing. From the video you can see the MS109 and C85 ethanol cans indicating an ethanol blend, supplemented by Throttle Body Injection.

They also provided some 100-200 km/h Dragy times which were done on 25 PSI:

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Oct 28, 2017
Monroe CT
What's crazy is that's a stock block and no pi just tbi. The n54 took way longer I guess the question is how reliable will this be at these power levels ? Obviously ms109 wont be a full time thing but pi can take care of that with e85
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