Ad: BMS N54 Vacuum OCC KIT


Oct 27, 2016
Finally released, check out our website to order now:

The BMS vacuum side N54 OCC works in conjunction with our world famous boost side N54 OCC to prevent engine oil and PCV gunk from coating your intake valves and hurting engine efficiency under engine vacuum operation.

Our unique PCV adapter design does not require you to permanently cap/plug your PCV holes! Includes a high performance check valve which attaches directly to the vacuum source eliminating boost leaks within the system and also includes quick connect fittings and 3/8” hose for quick, easy, and clean installation.

The full kit includes a BMS double baffle OCC which mounts on the strut brace right next to your BMS boost side OCC for a clean look and easy service. The full kit also includes our BOV adapter providing an extra 1/8" NPT vacuum port source. Note a BOV is not required to run this kit.

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