BMS Elite F Chassis B58 Intake **NEW PRODUCT**

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Nov 18, 2016
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Gain up to 10+whp along with terrific sound

The BMS Elite B58 Performance Intake outflows the OEM intake but retains everything that's good including the cold air ducting and lightweight heat shielding airbox bottom but replaces the top end of the intake with larger higher flow ducting, a heatshield, and a quality BMS inverted cone air filter to match. This intake includes our B58 turbo inlet maintaining that same high level of flow all the way to the turbo inlet. Note for those who already own a BMS B58 turbo inlet inquire with our sales department if you'd like to purchase just the top end of the intake system.

During our dyno testing, the BMS Elite B58 BMW Intake performed the same or better than other B58 BMW intakes tested posting gains of up to 10+ horsepower to the wheels at 25psi+ boost levels. In addition to freeing up some power turbo spool speed was improved, and there is an incredible sound improvement. You'll finally be able to hear your turbo spooling!

Installation is easy and fully reversible. Our proprietary high flow filter can be cleaned every 15-20k miles using an S&B cleaning kit and will last the life of the car. Our intake temperature testing found no significant difference from the factory intake during both sustained cruise and full-throttle operation.


• Adds up to 10+ Horsepower
• Dramatic sound improvement
• Includes high flow turbo inlet
• Improves throttle response
• Outflows stock intake
• Retains OEM airbox base as a heat shield
• Upper heat shield included
• Retains OEM cold air ducting
• Looks great under the hood
• Cleanable and renewable air filter
• Made in the USA

F chassis Applications

BMW 1 Series
• 2016+ F20 F21 (B58 engine) 140i/140iX

BMW 2 Series
• 2017-2021 F22 F23 (B58 engine) 240i/240ix

BMW 3 Series
• 2016-2018 F30 (B58 engine) 340i/340iX
G20 Owners: This intake does not fit the new 2019+ G20 M340. That intake is located HERE

BMW 4 Series
• 2017-2020 F32 F33 F36 (B58 engine) 440i/440iX
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