BimmerGeeks Cable and Navigation Update Package Review


Apr 19, 2017
335i e93
----------BimmerGeeks Cable Review -------

If you are doing any flashing or computer related stuff to your car via the obd port, then do yourself a favor and get a BimmerGeeks cable.

I was using an older Amazon bought cable that did the job most of the time - very slow speeds and unstable. I thought all cables were the same and that BimmerGeeks would not be any different. ---I was completely WRONG.

The BimmerGeeks cable is rock solid, stable and FAST. It reduced my xHP flash times from 20 mins to 8 mins and never even batted an eyelid when it came to previous flash sectors that would crash the app. And when I flashed the actual stage 3 option of xHP, it literally took less than 2 minutes. WOW!

That old Amazon cable would just keep crashing the app. 5 stars to BimmerGeeks cable.

--------- 2009 e93 335i Navigation Map Update to 2017 - Review ---------

I also bought a map update for my 2009 e93. Previously, dealerships would quote me $600 to update the maps. BimmerGeeks price was $89. No brainer. I told Dylan, the BimmerGeeks rep. how the dealerships told me some convoluted explanation on why it costs $600 to update simple navigation my car didn't use dvd and had to get some proprietary code to unlock the navigation center for update, then had to buy maps separately. He assured me it would work....
And he was right. Update was super easy and flawless. Now I have updated maps and don't have to be embarrassed to drive on invisible streets again!

In short, BimmerGeeks is a quality outfit and customer service was batshit insanely good. Dylan would stay in communication via text and when necessary would even call to walk me through anything I was confused about. Quality outstanding service and quality products. Highly recommended!