ATM Race Exhuast 3.5” Single. SO MUCH BETTER THEN VRSF!


Jul 17, 2019
Minneapolis Minnesota
Single turbo 335is
My new video is up showing my new ATM Race Exhuast single 3.5” on my N54 BMW 335is. This is so much nicer then VRSF and sounds better too. Overall quality is way nicer and doesn’t have a huge muffler and isn’t straight piped its the perfect middle ground. I have a single turbo set up and included some sound clips and more. Also showing more modifications I have installed.

Like always please take a minute to follow/subscribe my 2011 BMW 335is build online on the following platforms. Mod list is down below as well.

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Mod list for Nicks 2011 BMW 335is I’m sure I’m forgetting lots of things.

Doc Race Kit Precision gen 2 Dual Ball Bearing T51R mod Cold side coated illusion red hot side heat ceramic coated

GFB 3 boost controller with 4 port Mac solenoid

AEM wideband

Nitrous set up wired to steering wheel

VRSF 1000HP 7.5 stepped intercooler

VRSF charge pipe with tial QR blow off valve 10psi spring

Wedge Antilag kit wired to steering wheel

Fuel it stage 3 low pressure fuel system. Dual bucketless Walbro set up. Dual 525 Walbro with one on a 15psi Hobbs switch.

Spool performance Helix HPFP overdrive 4x extreme model

Spool performance bluetooth ethanol analyzer and upgraded fuel line

M18 Modular valve cover coated wrinkle black with R8 coil adapter bracket in illusion red and all hardware illusion red including oil cap

Custom intake manifold coated illusion red

Bimmerlife Audi R8 coil upgrade

Burger Motorsports billet oil filter housing

Burger motorsports cowl filter delete

Burger motorsports large rear diff brace

Burger motorsports billet oil thermostat caps

Burger motorsports billet oil thermostat lid

Burger motorsports billet sport oil cooler valve

Nelson racing wheel carbon fiber paddles

2 step cooler NGK 97506 spark plugs gapped at 0.018”

Revshift 95a durometer racing transmission mounts

Rev shift 95a durometer racing motor mounts

BMW index 12 injectors

VTT billet crankcase breather

Drilled Zimmerman Z-coat rotors with Akebono ceramic brake pads for front

VTT ultimate 15” brake conversion kit, Wilwood drilled rotors,calipers, pads and stainless steel brake lines.

BimmerWorld Race bullet nose wheel stud conversion kit from wheel bolts for rear 15” Welds.

Weld Racing S79 17” light weight wheels for front 17x7.5 5.3” back spacing on Nitto 555g2 tires 225/45/17.

Weld Racing S79 15x9.33 6.5” back spacing wheels with Mickey Thompson ET Street R tires 275/50/15 for the rear

Mfactory built axles

Mfactory built LSD

ATM Race Exhuast with 4” custom black magnaflow tips

Rushcustoms Carbon fiber rear diffuser, Carbon fiber ARYKM style front lip spoiler M sport. Red start button.

SCHROTH Quick Fit Pro racing harnesses and cage to be installed

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Nov 6, 2016
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What are you running for Nitrous?

This does seem to be the exhaust to get over vrsf. Did you go stock the this or did you have anything in between?