Anyway to limit CILC (cylinder individual lambda control)???


Dec 16, 2017
E82 N54
Hello all, I love driving my car for the most part. The absolute worse thing I hate about driving my n54 car is the CILC (cylinder individual lambda control) feature of the DME. When it kicks in- the throttle response is horrible and my exhaust sounds terrible. The exhaust ends up sounding like a car with a hole in the muffler. Not to mention the drone becomes unbearable.
I've noticed that it seems to kick in more often somedays than others- somedays it doesn't kick in at all and these are with consistent driving style and driving the same roads. I am wondering if there is any reason why it kicks in more often some days than others?

My current set up is fbo, inlets, stg 2 tune if that matters. I do not have any o2 sensors in currently- would having them help the cause? Any advice would be appreciated- esp from @jyamona as I've come across a few of his posts on the matter on different platforms. Thanks in advance everyone!


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Nov 7, 2016
You need at least one secondary, and if not running two, you must enable single rear o2 toggles. This is probably part of your problem, as it's continually running checks to see what is going on and it swings lambda super lean <--> super rich for the test. Your main lambda are probably mis calibrated now as well.