Advice on PCV setup


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Apr 8, 2022
The one thing I can never figure out is PCV setups….

I’m running the VTT dual can setup as picture, but without the oil cap breather. Ever since I switch to this I keep throwing the (2D2E Angle of throttle valve - intake pipe underpressure, correlation) code. I removed the check valve along with the throttle body PCV adapter and VTA to see if this would change things. It did, but now I have smoke coming out of the filters on idle. Is my only option to go back to running the PCV adapter connected to the throttle body for vacuum or is there an alternative route that would work better?
Another example of vtt not having a clue what they're doing. You're getting 2D2E codes because you have a literal vacuum leak, there is no check valve on the high side so essentially you have a path that vacuum in the intake manifold can use to draw fresh unmetered air in, so the dme is wondering where this air is coming from hence the code.
You need a check valve on the high side, but that alone will most likely cause too much vacuum and as such you'll need a vacuum relief of some sort.

Recently I just went with fitting a plug into my flapper bypass hole with a 3/32" hole drilled into it and I'm averaging 25mbar vacuum which I'm happy with

Happy to see my little video has made it onto this thread too glad it's helped people out!