oil catch can

  1. Tzaks

    Advice on PCV setup

    Hello! After looking @fmorelli's PCV thread and reading through the replies I had the idea of re-designing the PCV system using inspiration from him and @Panzerfaust. I've ordered the ACfab PCV fittings AN10 for the high side and AN8 low. Please have a look at the schematic below of the setup...
  2. matreyia

    Burger Tuning Oil Catch Can Long Term Review

    This is a quick review of the Burger Tuning Oil Catch Can. Used for three years and going. 1. Does it work - does it retain oil? YES. 2. Will it prevent intake valves from getting dirty? NO. 3. Does it slow down intake valve gunk? I don't know...I did a walnut blast then checked six months...