oil catch can

  1. A

    N54 PCV/OCC (Oil Catch Can) set up for M18 VC (valve cover) on my 335IS

    So once I realized the dilemma of needing oil catch cans after installing the valve cover. Due to there being no cyclonic separator, as well as not being able to reuse the OEM PCV or CCV (Crank case vent hose) as the 2 ports (high/boost and low/vacuum) on the M18 VC are both just -10AN. I then...
  2. Tzaks

    Advice on PCV setup

    Hello! After looking @fmorelli's PCV thread and reading through the replies I had the idea of re-designing the PCV system using inspiration from him and @Panzerfaust. I've ordered the ACfab PCV fittings AN10 for the high side and AN8 low. Please have a look at the schematic below of the setup...
  3. matreyia

    Burger Tuning Oil Catch Can Long Term Review

    This is a quick review of the Burger Tuning Oil Catch Can. Used for three years and going. 1. Does it work - does it retain oil? YES. 2. Will it prevent intake valves from getting dirty? NO. 3. Does it slow down intake valve gunk? I don't know...I did a walnut blast then checked six months...