AD-E FMIC GIVEAWAY! Celebrating N5X Enthusiasts 3000+ Members and launch of our Forum!

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Oct 18, 2016
2009 E93 335i
Welcome to, "The New Forum". You came here to get free stuff? Good! Here is the scoop, as a courtesy, please read it all:

We are giving away an AD Engineering 650HP FMIC to a RANDOM MEMBER of this forum to celebrate our Facebook Group's 3000th member as well as the launch of For those who know, there are several reputable and very high quality fabrication shops contributing to this platform and AD-E is certainly one of them. That is why I bought their 6266 Single Turbo kit.
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Why a new forum you ask? I won't make this a hate column on Joseph/Sticky. I think he has done enough damage to his own reputation over the years, that it goes without saying.

Specifics? Sure. Firstly, I am not a vendor, fabricator, shop or any other special interest. I simply love forced induction engines like you and particularly, I've had a soft spot for the 335i since owning a 2007 E90 back in 2009. My current vehicle is a 2009 E93 335i, so its not like I have an S65, that has been in the garage for six years and bash on the N54 every time I get a chance and want nothing more than your clicks...

I am tired of watching vendors bicker with each other and flaunt their bias using their vendor subscription tier as a method of doing so. This forum has custom software which prevents this from occurring. There are many prominent vendors who agree with me, and that is illustrated by their advanced membership to this forum. I will support this forum using alternative monetization methods such as Google Ad Sense and other similar means for as long as I can while keeping the board clean. In this setting, I am an enthusiast first and a businessman second.

Secondly, this forum was designed from the ground up on a responsive platform. vBulletin is old. In fact, vBulletin was in development for years and released circa 2008-2009. People were still walking around with the original iPhone in hand back then, to put that into technological perspective. The issue with most other forums, is they have been customized too much and its nearly impossible to switch platforms to something exponentially better like XenForo, which is what we have here. Your mobile experience will be substantially better, something you'll benefit from every single day. No more zooming in and out and struggling to hit microscopic buttons which weren't made for a modern mobile device. There are many more reasons such as the fact I have rack servers colocated at a datacenter called Fiberhub in Nevada and server resources are a non-issue, however to keep this concise I'll end that part here.

How To Enter
The rules are as follows:

  1. You must own an N54. I will personally verify the winner is a member of N5X Enthusiasts and that you have a vehicle in your possession. If you do not meet the criteria, a new winner will be chosen.
  2. If you are the winner, you may transfer the winning rights ONE(1) time only. and we will instruct AD-E to ship directly to the new recipient. This new recipient must have been a member AT THE TIME OF THE DRAWING and must be documented here at! So if you intend to pawn it off, make sure the recipient is registered here before I draw the winner. I want to see participation. Winner is responsible for shipping costs from AD-E.
  3. A random member will be chosen from this forum. Excluding vendors or staff and ownership.
  4. You must post in this thread AT LEAST one time to qualify for the giveaway. Posting multiple times will not impact your eligibility, as the member's list will be used for the drawing.
  5. An honest review must be posted on this forum EXCLUSIVELY within 4 weeks of delivery. If you cannot ensure this, please sell or transfer the FMIC to another eligible member who can.
  6. The drawing will be made once the forum has 150 total members, so make use of your referral links listed in the user menu at the top right of the page.
We have spoken with @Martial@MHD and intend to do an MHD giveaway once this one is finished as well! Additional giveaways are dependent on forum participation, so spread the word and make a post!

If you have interest in buying or selling the winning rights to the FMIC, please use the For Sale Marketplace section located at the bottom of the forum home.

Lets do this! Who's in?

EDIT: As a bonus, Horsepower Barn will toss in a HPB/ADE hoodie! Thanks Todd
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Nov 2, 2016
Grats on getting the new forum up. Looks clean and works smooth so far. I appreciate the fact that there's finally a new forum venue with updated software, focused more for the buyer than seller!

Count me in for the giveaway as well! 2008 n54 135i

LePaul Archer

New Member
Nov 3, 2016
Atlanta Georgia
I am really excited to be apart of this forum! I learned so much from the facebook group I can only imagine how
Much knowledge I will gain from the actual forum!

I have an 09 535i vrsf charge pipe tial bov and BMS DCI (MHD coming soon)
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