A90 Supra head swap from G29 Z4


Oct 18, 2016
2009 E93 335i
So using some information floating around my understanding is the US market G29 Z4 and the new 40i cars will have the B58O1 (B58B30O1) and the A90 Supra got the B58C which is the same or virtually the same as the B58M1 (B58B30M1).

The Supra has the the header manifold "headifold" which comes out as two ports and is unlikely to flow at the highest power levels and likely makes porting unrealistic.

I wanted to make a technical discussion surrounding performing the swap.

Assuming an aftermarket exhaust manifold would be fitted, what exactly would need changed by sides the physical head itself? Will the Supra software flash to the Z4? Can the Supra DME control the Z4 head? I suspect people will actually be stealing the head off the G20 3 series since that would be more readily available junk yard Z4 heads.

What are the differences in plumbing? Harness changes?