A little off topic....Anyone ever used Turo to rent cars?


Jul 7, 2020
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The wife and I are thinking about taking a cheap flight down to Miami, and renting a car to drive down to the Keys for a coupe of days. Instead of the typical Nissan Versa or other boring car you can get from Hert, Avis, etc, etc….I was thinking about getting something a little more fun to drive. I checked on the Turo website (like the AirBnB of car rentals), and there are some really nice M3’s and M5’s you can rent for pretty cheap. Has anyone ever used Turo to rent cars before? What are the con’s? If some idiot door dings a nice M5 that I rent, is the owner going to file a multi thousand dollar claim on my auto insurance to get it repaired? Do they make you wash and vacuum out the car before you return it? Any other “not standard” things you have to deal with when getting a car from Turo? I’m just not sure it’s worth the extra hassles…or is it? A nice M3 for $130 a day seems dirt cheap.

Any info would be great! Thanks!


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Nov 6, 2016
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My buddy has used it 8+ times. Exact same thing goes on vacation somewhere and would like a nice car to drive around in while he is in town.

How the whole insurance thing goes no idea. I bet if you call them they can explain in detail, I am sure many a car's door has been dinged.

I have no more experience other than I know he likes it.


Apr 27, 2023
I rented an M3 for a 4 day San Diego trip (drove from AZ). And rented a tacoma pickup for a camping trip.
When I was unloading the truck after I returned, my neighbor backed into it. I used the app to document the incident, called the owner to let him know the bad news and never heard a thing about it again.

My experience has been great.

Kind of like AirBnB, different people have different rules. But the two I did just wanted the car in presentable condition, and then they cleaned it anyway.