6WB MFID Retrofit


Nov 19, 2016
Houston, TX
14 535i, 13 X3 35i
After having read up on shawnsheridan's 6WB retrofit and looking at others I knew this was something I had to do for myself. The base instrument cluster is woefully boring, and the 6WB unit is just badass!

As we all know these units sell for 1800-2000 online. After talking to some friends, and making a few phonecalls I was able to secure a BNIB unit for a great price and I pulled the trigger.

Base next to 6WB.


After installing it I used his instructions to code the unit with ESYS, you can reference them here:

Upon initial power up the unit showed 000000 for just a second and adopted the vehicles mileage. However I had a red tamper dot. I was really concerned about this and wondering if my cheap BNIB unit had been plugged into another car before.


Whatever the discrepancy was however went away after the car was allowed to go to sleep and the cluster woke up from a cold boot.


I went out for a test drive and put it in Sport+ for a launch control test :)

I found that my newest iteration cluster (PN 62106821074) also had shift lights when in manual mode that rise up and around the tachometer!

I absolutely love this modification to the car.

It is my understanding to program the car at the dealer, IE with ISTA-P in one round you would have to swap the basic Kombi back in.

It only takes a few minutes to swap the clusters back and forth so its not a big deal.

I updated my car to the latest integration level before carrying this out and I doubt it will ever see full car programming for the rest of its life. Individual modules can be updated as needed if such need arises.