335i 2acc crank no start


New Member
Jan 8, 2023
I have determined that I have millivolts of power at the dme x60003 pins 2 & 3. I have cleaned every pin and connector from the JBE to the DME and still nothing. I also unplugged every sensor on the engine and cleaned the connectors with sensitive electronic cleaner. At one point it seemed to have a short somewhere as there was some resistance on pin 3 when I measured using my multimeter with the battery unplugged but last time I checked for continuity I didn't have any resistance. Seems like ISTA will communicate with the DME occasionally but I was told that could be a misreading as I have an AGM battery and if its low it won't allow ISTA too read the DME correctly. Car is an 08/2007 335i. The lpfp works when I disconnect my DME and my water pump activates when I unplug the sensor for it so I ruled out those two being the issue for now and still believe its a short somewhere but haven't found it. I have around 11v to pin 1 of x60003 and the same at pin 13 of x60005 so I have the relay also ruled out though I tried a different junction box just to see if anything would change but still the same. I had issues with my camshaft positioning sensors throwing code p00012 from time to time and I replaced them with auto zone sensors which I have found out can cause the 2acc issue, but have since then replaced them with new oem ones and still nothing. Anyone have any ideas?