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    Pure Turbos Stage 3 (PS3) dyno results for N55

    Finally! I got on the dynojet at EAS in Anaheim, CA on 4/28/2022 to get some numbers on the PS3. It took a while, but I am happy I can finally share results with everyone. Before I get into the details I wanted to mention a couple of things up front: A big thanks to Pure Turbos for releasing...
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    MMP Stage 3 Dyno - Daily Driven 30psi

    Good Morning from Korea, I just wanted to throw up some MMP Stage 3 results from this weekend. My great friend Ivan and I have been dialing in his car for the perfect daily driver tune. Well, here is the results on 30ish psi. Mods: MMP S3 Turbos MMP Outlet MMP Hot side inlets TwistedTuning...