oil pan

  1. Seaneezy

    Oil leak near rear main seal onto rear O2 sensors, oil pan or RMS?

    I don't have a good picture since I wasn't thinking and cleaned up the leak before considering the possibility of a rear main seal leak. Rear main seal replaced by local mechanic ~3 years ago / 7k miles (car was sitting for months) when transmission was out for a rebuild. I replaced the oil...
  2. B@man335

    Finishing up ST Build

    Had a couple last things to clarify before I crank her up. I’m about to finish my ST build and maintenance on an xdrive e90. After I finished rod bearings and oil pan gasket, I found conflicting info on rod bolt torque. There was a thread previously that highlighted we are supposed to torque to...
  3. Boorda

    Broke my front axle and cracked my oil pan......

    So this was fun... Thought I had a leaking oil pan gasket, but it was far worse than I expected. Long story short, a few weeks back I hit a pothole which broke my front axle. Apparently it hit so hard that the front diff top mounting points fractured.