1. mb21111

    FS N54 Parts For Sale

    Spring Cleaning parts for sale. Please let me know what you would like. Located in Boston, Massachusetts. All parts except for the steering wheel trim were pulled from a 2008 BMW 535XI with 70,000 miles. 1: E92 steering wheel trim $10 2: Alternator cable $15 3: Transmission oil line $30 4: N54...
  2. AKN54135i

    WTB WTB Stock/Upgraded Inlets/Outlets

    Swapping my 2010 manual 135i from ST to twins, looking for some missing miscellaneous parts. Need inlets, outlets, coolant pipe from engine block(the one with fittings for turbo coolant hoses). Wouldn’t mind aftermarket inlets or outlets. I’ll pay shipping to 99517. Show me what you’ve got!!
  3. RSicks

    FS Brand New VTT inlets

    I've got a set of new (removed from box to install fittings to verify everything was there) never installed VTT inlets for the N54 engine. Purchased about 6 months ago and now just sitting in my garage. These are the stock location 1.75" inlet ID for stock or stock frame upgraded turbos. They...
  4. BQTuning

    E89 Z4 sDrive35i(s) Intake Upgrade Conversion

    Progress is slow in development but we are getting there. The E89 Z4(35i, 35is) intake conversion from the F01 740i was a theorized idea two years ago that became a reality today. Why the intake system of the F01 740i ? The F01 740i that comes with the N54 has a superior intake system among the...
  5. matreyia

    User Review - Wedge Performance vs. Twisted Tuning

    Car: AFE Cold Air Intake, MMP 2 inch inlet,outlets/ Dinan Oil Cooler/ Dinan Intercooler/ CSF Aluminum upgraded Radiator/Propulsive Dynamics Tranny/xHP stage 3/ MHD with M-Boost Option (don't know if this is being used) / VRSF DP/Forge DV valves/upgraded all hoses to silicon/BMW Performance...
  6. matreyia

    335i MMP Inlet & CSF Radiator Caveat

    Just a word of caution, if you are installing a CSF Performance Radiator and you have the MMP inlets, prepare to do lots of dremel trimming to your radiator fan housing and get some tie wraps ready. Because your inlet will be pushed dangerously close to the belts and pulleys. The performance...
  7. B

    VRSF N54 Passenger Side Inlets $160.00 shipped

    Installed a single so have twin upgrade parts Passenger side inlets in good condition. Used for approx 2000 miles Back inlet is trimmed down because it sits too close to the firewall. I live in Vancouver Canada. So I need a max of 2 weeks to take a trip across the border after purchase to ship...