1. 335i_Jordan

    Cylinder 6 injector fault

    Hi people, recently purchased a 2006 335i which unfortunately is giving me lots of trouble! 1. I have a fairly large oil loss problem (1litre every ~500 miles) which I believe is coming from both the oil pan gasket and valve cover gasket, and probably other places too! 2. Pre-cat O2 sensors...
  2. Traf

    SOLD 6x Index 12 injectors 13538616079

    Brand new injectors, never used. Index 12 latest part number 13538616079 $950 shipping included.
  3. screaminfast

    SOLD BN Sharps Intake Mani w/ LS7 injectors

    Selling a brand new Sharps intake manifold with a set of cleaned and flow tested LS7 injectors. Asking $900 OBO shipped CONUS.
  4. Jeffman

    FS Injectors For Sale

    Anybody want four index 6 injectors (64K Miles) and two index 8 injectors (44K Miles)? Best offer and you pay shipping, US 48 states only.
  5. Abacus38

    DIY Coding Injectors using windows 10

    Coding injectors is so easy even wall-e can do it! and here's how! Download these two programs 7zip ---> BMW standard tools -->!zw5V0IrD!08GgdgH0AtxZcWh62_76xA 1. Use the 7zip program to extract Bmw standard tools and open the folder. Right click on...
  6. impuls

    Leaky Injectors?

    Just installed new NKG plugs to fix cylinder misfires but the old (500 miles) OEM Bosh spark plugs didn't look that nice either when they came out. Additionally the new plugs did not fix the misfire as you can see in this log Do you think I am right with...
  7. V

    -937 injectors going away?

    Just received this email from FCP euro. On 3/22 I ordered -937 injectors, and received -079 injectors instead. Anyone heard about this or know the reason for this change? As yall know the -937 injector is associated with the injector SIB for the S63 engine...
  8. V

    Technical Boost Referenced Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Question: For boost referenced FPRs, is there any ratio available other than 1:1? Context: I'm eventually planning on putting together an overkill fuel system for 35+ psi with ST and e85: triple walbro 450s, FPR with return line, ID1000s or 1300s on the PI rail, etc etc. If I used a 1:1 FPR...
  9. X

    N54 Injectors

    Selling 6 N54 injectors. Four injectors are index 8 and two injwctors are index 5. Two of them have a leak and the other 4 have no known issues. I got them taken out when I was having misfires and got all six replaced. The service shop stated that only 2 were leaking. They came out of my car...
  10. B

    six x #8 injectors BMW INJ seal tool & 2 x #12 injectors

    Cleaning out the Garage - 6 x #8 injectors that I updated at 40 thousand miles when I went big boost car ran fine & had no issues - Never used ECS Tuning injector seal tool with 6 new seal & I think 8 new - Free 2 x #12 injectors with 100 miles on them. They are damaged were the hold down clamp...