1. Dandy.93

    SOLVED Losing fuel pressure and my sanity :(

    Hey there lads. Never thought I would have to post on forums for help but here I am. I have a 2008 335i (N54). So recently my car has been feeling horrible and having symptoms of HPFP failure :( : 1. Rough cold start 2. Feels like misfires when under mild acceleration. 3. If I accelerate for...
  2. T

    Ad: TTFS Dual Fuel Pump Upgrade for N55

    TTFS is pleased to announce that after tireless research and development, we are excited to bring to market the TTFS Dual Fuel Pump Upgrade for N55. Our upgrade system has been running on two 2015 BMW M2--the TTFS M2' for almost a year and a customer’s M2 in Texas for five months. Both M2s are...