zf6hp26 error 4e86 and 4e87


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Mar 27, 2024
Hi everyone, can you please help me with my problem Have car BMW E83 3.0d 218hp (vin WBAPD51030WD66806) zf6hp26 TCU number in my car is BOSCH 0260 550 012 maybe date not sure 06.06.09 ZF 6058 007 003 also not sure this TCU is original from factory.

Have problem with transmission. It started with problem in manual then I can change gears only down example from 5 to 4 or 3 to 2 but not UP example from 2 to 3. But in the morning then car is started sometimes I can change both UP and DONW.

After maybe 3 or 4 months later I got a Yellow gear on the dash.

Computer says shiftlock and interlock solenoid (error 4e86 and 4е87) but sometimes it can work properly sometimes it is in error mode and works only on 3gear. SO a 3 weeks ago I find problem. The plastic connector sleeve (see pic https://maktrans.net/G-CPG-6HPX) from AT to round connector of wiring was not on his place as a little be outside. I fixed it but still get same problem after fully working 2 weeks. Can you please advise me where to check and if possible to give me wiring scheme from round pin there all harness goes? I checked pins from round pin to shiftlock solenoid on the gear selector and it works.

And maybe I have to check something in a hood there DDE is?

Thank you.

PS sorry for my bad English, hope you understand my problem

Thank you


Oct 17, 2023
There have been problems with the wiring harness at the shifter getting pinched, you might want to look in that area?