X3 M40i - 12.1 @ 113.8 TUNE ONLY

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Apr 28, 2019
Hey guys,

New to this forum and just wanted to show how my X3 performs with nothing more then a tune :)

So I have been meaning to head to the track and get some new times now that I have the MP Stage 2 ECU and Stage 1 TCU tunes.

Car Details
2018 X3 M40i
Mission Performance Stage 2 Engine Tune
Mission Performance Stage 1 Trans Tune
100+93 Octane (adjusted for 95 octane tune)

Everything else stock - air filter, exhaust, spark plugs, all stock! 4435 lbs race weight (I weigh 190)
Running All Season Tires too

Track Details
New Hampshire Dragway
Temps. 64-67* F all day
DA + 392 to + 668 FT (using phone app, dragtimes put DA at +1600 and seems high)

Breakdown for all runs
[email protected] (spun a bit off the line)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Consistent? I think so... and also didn't have to load a new tune, change out x, or do anything special, literally just get there and run :clap:

Best Run - 12.101 @ 113.81

Overall I am quite impressed with just being able to throw a tune on and get close to 11's

I believe with a better fuel pump and some E85 this SUV will hit 11's all day. (or some good negative DA)


Some videos I captured -

E550 4 Matic

Drag 5.0

Fiesta ST

BMW 335i (RWD)
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Mar 14, 2018
wow looks like the xDrive really helps with the traction! Seems like a lot of head room for more HP and improvements! Can't wait to see future mods on this what SAV what BMW would calls it! ;)

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