Why N54 Upgraded Turbo Will Fail

Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
You will never get that much thrust wear quickly even with stock thrust parts under normal operation.

That kind of thrust wear is caused by compressor surge, specifically on throttle compressor surge. We know why this happens on these turbos, we dealt with it 6 years ago when we started, and we eliminated the issue by just changing some hardware around on units that already had upgraded thrusts on them. The BEST way to avoid on throttle compressor surge on these cars is use turbos with proper hardware installed (no not only referring to the thrust bearing, this can happen even with a steel upgraded thrust in a VERY short period of time if you have aggressive surge) You have to address the root of the hardware problem.

That company is well known for putting very poor compressor to turbine combinations together, which is a leading cause of on throttle compressor surge. Once your hardware is correct, the next step in eliminating compressor surge is using proper venting hardware. IE getting rid of stock DV's and going to a real BOV with the PROPER spring or a good set of Turbo Smart DV's.

If you do both of those things, you will never get thrust wear like that. Its easily avoidable, and this video is going to steer a lot of people wrong, it's like you have a huge cut, and you try to stop the bleeding by putting a band-aid on it. That is what adding a stronger thrust will do, when the root cause of the thrust wear is compressor surge...

We have an article dealing with this exact thing and a couple of videos. Also a few photos of what extreme thrust wear from surge looks like. We posted this a year and a half ago and all our units have come with upgraded TD04 thrusts since 2012...



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