Which RFP Map?


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Sep 18, 2023
Hi im new here, to the end of this month im gonna install some 19Ts and wonder which tune i should get, im looking at the one from RFP but dont know which one, for safe using.

2" Inlets
Catless Downpipe
Charge Pipe
FMIC is following


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Nov 6, 2016
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Just get a real tune? Granted by now I assume he has figured out how to tune after giving it away for free to learn on others cars:

He was asking for volunteers giving away free tunes just 5 months ago

I didn't pay too much attention until someone made the comment that the maps looked a lot like my MHD OTS v6 maps that were released to the public two years ago when someone with a rooted phone hacked MHD. So tonight I did a comparison and sure enough, your overnight tuning wonder has been selling everyone slightly modified MHD OTS maps with changes he got from BMS or v8Baits tuning guide. So Dean @ RFP isn't much different than AJ @ EMP. Funny how a Dean was able to put together quality maps a few months after telling people he didn't like MHD because he didn't know how flash tune. Some of you guys might not care because you think he did a great job, great support, but you probably didn't have any major issues and the map worked out of the box, like an OTS map should. Unfortunately Dean really doesn't know what he's doing after all. The people who do have issues end up getting blocked so they can't message him anymore. Bottom line you guys were scammed into buying OTS maps with minor changes. It's like buying a used car at full book price only to find out it has a rebuilt title.
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