rfp tuning

  1. N54_XXX

    Project: RFP Stage 2 ans Stage 3 OTS Maps as Map Switch Tune

    Hey Guys, I am trying someting with the new MHD+ Suite, I want to create a RFP OTS Map Tune as MapSwitch Option RFP Stage 3 V12 will be Map 1 RFP Stage 2 V12 will be Map 2 and Map 3 will be Stock don´t have time to test it today but in the next days I will test it and do some loggs. Will...
  2. RichMichael97

    Stay Away From RFP Tuning (aka Dean Fuhriman)

    I’m making this post to warn people about RFP Tuning (aka Dean Fuhriman), who has been “tuning” for the N5X community now for a few months. He has a history of screwing up people’s cars, and even bragging about it on Facebook. My first experience with him was Sept 16 when I inquired about his...