Ad: VTT S55 GC 93 Octane Results!

Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
We are very pleased to announce our S55 GC 93 octane results!

Working exclusively with Cary Jordan and using the Bootmod3 software from ProTuningFreaks we have surpassed all expectations and made 635WHP/691WTQon 93 octane only.

The car holds 600WHP to 7200 RPM. Zero fueling upgrades.

2015 F80 M3:
VTT S55 GC cast turbos
VTT Silicone Charge Pipes
Catless Downpipes
VRSF midpipes
Injen Intake
Stock intercooler
Stock fuel system (including lpfp)

For those who don’t know -these are new cast units, no core charge, no price gouging. $3499 for a new set of turbos and silicone inlets. We are offering a couple interesting package discount options with GC purchase that you may want to check out;
-Add a Spline Lock ($500, normally $699)
-Add a Cary Jordan OTS GC Tune ($350, normally $400)
-Add a Cary Jordan Custom GC Tune ($550, normally $600)

These will be in stock in approx. 4 weeks. Once in, they will be available for same day shipping. No long lead times; another one of the many reasons we call them game changers.

On to the graphs...

635WHP/691 WTQ

30 psi / 8 degrees of timing at peak power. 10 degrees of timing at redline.
s55 gc dyno 93.jpg

datazap capture.jpg

Keep in mind we're intentionally slowing spool in these runs. The turbos spool very fast and come on so hard we feel its best to do so for engine longevity; but just to show you what we're talking about we have a graph from earlier in the 93 testing with spool not slowed.

spool slowed down.jpg

We also attached graphs on the way to these results -this was not a glory run. Cary said this is a perfectly streetable tune on 93... run it!

all runs.jpg

E30 and E85 results coming up next!
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Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Can you please post up the logs?

While I'd love to post logs, the tuner has all logs. Feel free to email Cary Jordan for log requests. Post from Tony on the subject:

Tony Vargas said:
[…] As for the people asking for logs, unfortunately, this is not like the N54 where I am happy to post everything for the community. On this, I am doing ZERO tuning, and BM3 is all online server based. Cary sends an update to the BM3 server, and I flash it, I have no access to that flash file when a log is taken it also uploads it to the server. Cary reviews the log.

Cary has a very real concern about people stealing tuning tricks learned through hard work, as he is breaking new ground with these units, and has spent 1.5 months just dialing in 93 octane. He specifically asked me to direct log requests to him, and he would be happy to do what he can for people. I posted what I felt were relevant screengrabs he sent me. Boost, timing, WGDC […] If you own an S55 and want more log info, please drop Cary a line, he will do what he can for you.
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