VTT GC turbos failed 3 times in 3 years on car that's not daily driven


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Nov 15, 2019
Bmw n54
I been trying to post about this since last year, never had a time to make a long thread. This post mainly to help to make a decision to those who want to purchase VTT turbos. Since the day I have received my turbos, my car has been going back and forth to the shop.

I will make this short. I know this is no news to some of you VTT and their customer service. I fell for those Dyno sheets when VTT GCs first came out and Tony's promises that there are 100s of turbos they have sold in past. I First I was told will receive my turbos about 4 weeks after the purchase, 3 months later still haven't had my turbos, so don't fall for promises if you are in rush to get new turbos and your car is in the shop.

After receiving the turbos, they failed approximately about 500-700 miles. Waited another 6 months to receive the replacements, 2 ND set also failed about the same mileage 700-800 miles. That's when the company admitted on the forum that they had Turbine wheel problems and came out with VTT GC 2.0 6-7 months later received 3rd set updated VTT GC 2.0, so far have put 700-800 miles on 3rd set, but guess what turbos leaking oil where right by the clamp and yes I changed the gasket for oil Line.

After my 2nd set of turbos failed I even asked these guys to give me $1800 refund which is about only 30% from $4500 that I paid and just keep the turbos too I don't even want it because I didn't want to deal with this headache in the future. They didn't even wanted to do that.

Before you decide to go with VTT keep in mind. These turbos have cost me $4500 when first came out + 1200 installation. Everytime it fails it costs $1200 for labor to replace it, if you lucky and shop doesn't charge you storage fee while you send it to rebuilt it. Good luck waiting for VTT to rebuilt it.

So these turbos have cost me total of $4500 (when first came out) + 1200 labor first set + $1200 labor second set + 1200 labor 3rd set. That's $8100 don't make the mistake I made. Will include pictures of 1st set of turbos that failed, 2nd set that failed and 3rd turbo that's leaking oil as of now.

Pictures starts with my first order that was 3 months late, then failed 3 sets of turbos.


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