B58 VTT GC / Dorch Stage 2 HPFP - E85 results thread

Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Hey Guys starting a new thread to outline the E85 results on the VTT, and the Dorch Stage 2 HPFP upgrade. As some of you may know we were running a Supra or TU pump, and it was perfect for 515WHP on 93 Octane only, but as soon as we put some ethanol in it to try to bring power up closer to what the turbo supports, we hit the limit of the TU Pump at about 500WHP on 100% E85.

We dropped the mix down a bit and it was better, but still not something us or our tuner Cary was comfortable with. Fast foward a few hours. We contacted Chris over at Dorch and explained what we had going on. He was extremely helpful, and within a couple emails we had worked out a deal for a Stage 2 HPFP for a GC once they come in.

Chris got it shipped yesterday (expedited), and it arrived today. First impression when opening the exterior box and seeing inside was that it had very nice packaging, and looks to be a very well thought out kit. Everything in bags with nice caps. Very nice machine work and line layout, basically a very professional first impression. Well, that all means nothing if the kit fits terrible so we wasted no time getting the hood up and the install going.

We dug down to the Supra HPFP by pulling the brace and cowl off, literally 8 bolts and some weatherstrip. Got the lines out of the way, Supra pump out, and laid out the parts. To say everything fit like a dream would be an understatement. Everything was such a good fit you could screw each bolt in by hand almost all the way down before tightening. Just perfect alignment. This also goes for the new Y hard line. It is not easy to get compound bends going to 3 different ports with a hard line, and be able to screw all 3 nuts all the way in by hand, well this one did it. Very nice fit and finish.

We got the pump in, connected the lines, and flashed the last map we ran where we had fueling issues, and this time around checked the "Dorch" Checkbox in the config area. Took about 2 minutes to flash and the car fired right up.

Let it warm up, took it around the block, quick pull to 5K in 4th just to see rail pressure, and it was holding like a champ.

All in all the install including the flash, and test drive took less than an hour. Such an easy install, and so far the results seem promising. We are waiting for Cary to find some time and we will get some boost cranked into the car and see how the pump and the turbo does trying to push them to the limit.

We will be updating this thread once we do!

Thanks for the continued support, and huge thanks to Dorch Engineering and @CaryJordan for the awesome pump, and tune.

















Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
We still have the car. Cary has been very sick, as has been his family. Flu season has hit HARD this year. He is trying to get back with us so he can finish this, but he is completely backed up with tunes, and trying his best. We will knock this out soon. It's been a busy first couple months of the year!