VTT F8X 60-130 record 5.9 Sec

Nov 5, 2016
Bay Area
To back up our dyno numbers we asked the customer if we could take the car out for some 60-130 Vbox testing this am. He said no problem. I took the car out to my favorite private test track on my way in to the this am, and It quickly laid down the new record in only 3 tries! That was good enough for us, and I went on my way. The car prob has a 5.7 or so in it it we played around with shift points or found a road more level or with a down slope, but we will let the customer do some more testing. We just wanted to show this car is more than just dyno numbers. So we backed it up with some real world testing!

S55 guys have a lot to look forward to from VTT, our cast S55 GC's are well into development, and should be available Q4 2017, or Q1 2018!

VTT M4 60-130.jpg