Ad: VTT B58 "GC" Testing begins

Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Hey guys! A little sneak peek of our B58 GC testing which is underway currently. Tester car is a 2018 340i that was brought to us with a Mission Performance Stage 2 tune with ACN91OCT in the tank. We did 5 baseline pulls before we removed the stock turbo. The best run was 395WHP, the worst run was 377WHP. The average of all 5 runs was 383WHP. Making ZERO changes to the car except removing the stock turbo installing the GC along with its silicone intake elbow, we put it back on the back on the dyno.

The results were nothing short of amazing. With no tuning changes the car retained near stock spool, made 44WHP at peak, but the HUGE take away was power held to redline! Taking the best run of 395, and overlaying the new run with the GC, you can see that we picked a full 100WHP at redline! This was backed up by a second pull.

After we were satisfied with our before and after hardware-only delta, we flashed the car to MHD OTS Stage 2 93 Octane maps with 91 ACN only in the tank (We did this as larger turbos are more efficient). The turbo did NOT disappoint. We made 443WHP/45WTQ on pump gas ONLY. Zero fueling aids, the only mods on the car are VRSF downpipe, M-performance exhaust, and Dinan intake lid.

Boost peaks at 18 psi, and drops to around 16.5. Log:

Also for the people on the fence about tunes... we also overlaid the MHD Stage 2 93 OTS against the Mission Stage 2 93 OTS. You can make your own judgments, but the MHD makes more power, and TQ everywhere (and is smoother overall).

Our next step is, of course, is a custom 93 OCT tune with Cary Jordan, then custom E85 tune with some fueling help. We expect to see an easy 600WHP on E85. We will be releasing full results, pricing, and the GC itself for Pre-sale for Black Friday. Stay tuned!

As always any questions PM here, or shoot us an email!

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