Expired VTT 2+ Clearance!

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Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Hey guys, so we are making room for our new Stage 2, and 2+ options that are available now for pre-order, and that we hope will be on the shelf ready to ship by the end of the month. In the mean time we have some extra parts we need to clear out, so figured we would offer them up at great deals.

We have four sets of the original, and in our opinion still the best 19T / 20T stock frame N54 turbo out there. The VTT Stage 2+. These made 700WHP long before others, and many many people have over 20K on these bad boys with no issues.

We have 3 sets of 335 units, and 1 set of 135/535/Z4/RHD units, all 20T's. Original price was $3799, we will sell these four sets for $2199 each. Once they are gone, this particular turbo is gone forever, replaced by GC's. Our new 2+ uses a different compressor wheel of our design.

If interested please drop [email protected] an email with 2+ clearance in the subject.

Keep in mind, we are about 3 weeks lead time currently on everything except GC (in stock), and GC lites (in stock end of week), as we are buried with orders.

Thank you!

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