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Mar 16, 2018
2009 BMW 335i e92
Ended up purchasing these directly through VRSF. Item shipped within a day from the time I placed my order. Arrived nicely packaged 2 days later. They always have great customer service every time I order from them. Currently I am running a 2009 335I with Pure Stage 2 DD's with FBO (Except outlets) and Full E85 Port Injection. Went on the DynoJet at Bimmer Performance Center here in Raleigh, NC Hit 634WHP/612TQ. WGDC on my logs was at 79%. Outlets was the last thing I needed to do for my build. After installing them the log showed a drop from 79% to 72% on the same exact tune, no change other than the outlets. Very happy with this as the outlets will allow my Turbos to not have to work as hard. Install was very straight forward, took a little over 2 hours. Parts fit flawlessly. I highly recommend doing this upgrade with any Turbo Upgrade. VRSF For THE WIN as always. Shout out to Tiago as always for helping me! Please see logs and photos below.

2009 335i M-Sport Edition

Pure Stage 2 Turbos
Pinnacle Dual Cone Intakes
VRSF 7.5inch HD Race Intercooler
VRSF Charge Pipe/TurboSmart Raceport BOV
VRSF High Flow Inlets
VRSF High Flow Outlets
VRSF Cattless Downpipes
Black Market Racing 3.5 Exhaust
BMW Performance Suspension
Black Market Parts Stage 3 Fuel Pump
Black Market Parts Port Injection Rail 750cc injectors
Full E85 Conversion
Spec Stage 3+ Clutch w/ Spec SMFW
Jb4 w mhd custom tune
RTD DSSR Race Shifter


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