Valvetronic servomotor


Jan 26, 2020
Whidbey Island, Washington
2012 E92 335i
Hey guys, I finally got back from my deployment and am extremely excited to get working on my car. First thing i did when i got home was changed my oil and filter. everything is good and then a few days later i went out to ride my motorcycle and when i got back got in my car and when i started it, it would start for about 1 second then shut down. Tried it about 5 times with every time being the same result.

decided to replace the battery since it had been sitting for 7 months while I was deployed. put the new battery in and same result no difference. was double checking everything under the hood. no corrosion or plugs not plugged in. Codes I am getting are (2DD7- valvetronic servomotor, position sensors: supply voltage faulty.) (36E2- DME, monitoring, 5 V sensor supply: voltage outside valid range.) After seeing these codes I decided to unplug my valvetronic servo motor and see how it would run. Car to my Suprise started up fine and drive great, but I am getting shadow codes showing the sensor is unplugged (which is expected).

well long story short i am about to install my 6466 turbo kit and want this thing running top notch with no codes before i even attempt it. i ordered a new valvetronic motor and valve cover since i need to take it off anyways (65K miles figured it would be good preventative maintenance). I just wanted to know if anyone else has ever experinced this and if so did just replacing the servomotor help or was the DME bad?

one last thing as well that I though was normal was before this happened, I would always hear a weird clacking sound under the hood when i would hit the unlock button on my fob. I believe this was the servo motor malfunctioning before it died, but until I get it tore apart that is just an assumption. thanks for any info anyone can provide.