Upgraded Thrust Bearing discussion


May 14, 2018
2009 E92 335i DCT
Hi guys.
Hope you are all having a good weekend.

I have a topic id like to ask about, and believe me ive done huge research on this, and not getting very far due to struggling to find the information i want.
This thread is for those who know and understand the inner workings of the turbos. More specofically the Thrust Bearings.

I purchased a set if Chinese TD04L-16T from eBay.
Honestly, the turbos have been great, make good power. I only had them removed for repair due to a rattling wastegate which i did not correct before initial fitment, and, my car was smokibg on deceleration. I assumed Seals, so i figured this was the perfect time to just remove them, repair the wastegate kit and do the repiar on the seals same time.

All has gone perfectly, except for one important piece, the Thrust Bearing.
My Core has the dowl pin locating hole to the left of the Oil feed. Which is more reminiscent of a Reverse Thrust bearing. And when i closely look at the thrust pads and conpare against a standard TD04 Thrust Bearing and a Standard TD04 Reverse Thrust Bearing, to me it looks like the pads show for reverse flow.

I have attached images, the image of the the two side by side Thrust bearings, mine is the brass Bearing on the Left. And the standard TD04 thrust bearing on the right.

The other image is that of a reverse thrust bearing for sale on Ali Express. This is the only design i can find like mine, and if you look closely at the actual thrust pads, can anyone confirm if they match my bearing from my Chinese turbos? Im looking at the wear marks on my bearing and judging the high points conpared to the TD04 Standard Thrust Bearing amd the TD04 Reverse thrust Bearing.


Some help and some light on this would be huge for me. As im usually very good at researching in general, but this has be a little stumped.
As i cant find my design Thrust Bearing for forward rotation. Anywhere.

Also, what would happen if in fact, a Reverse Thrust Bearing is being used in a forward rotation turbo? Would it work, but just wear faster, or would just not work?

Thanks in advance all.