Trims vs HPFP


Jun 16, 2017
2009 335xi E90
Not sure what the issue is here. Not sure if the HPFP is dropping because the trims, or vice versa.

Car ran fine until turbo swap. Then it started happening.

Right now I am only running 93 with no pi.

Then I swapped HPFP to an older one I had.

Car sat with E85 for about a month. Nothing fuel related was changed during the process. Pulled car into garage, replaced turbos, took it for a drive and trims were all over the place. Got rid of the E85/FF/PI, and put 93 in it. Flashed a good 93 tune and trims/hpfp still going crazy.

I had a look at plugs and #1 & #6 were black. So I replaced those injectors with new ones. 2,3,4,5 are 6 month old index 12. Plugs are new 2 step colder, but was running fine with them prior to the swap.