Top vs Bottom Spool


Jun 16, 2017
2009 335xi E90
Anyone have any comparison logs of spool time on top vs bottom mount single kits? I am going single and want to aim for the best spool.

3-4 week wait on a Speedtech kit or if it doesn't make much difference I can pickup a Doc Race kit with a gen 2 6466 now for just a little less than I would spend on the Speedtech kit. Tuner would be Motiv.

Been doing some reading on turbo sizes. Seems like 6266 is just a little less than what I am aiming for since Veer90's 800 on a RWD I think I need to go a step higher.

I have a XI with built motor and ported head, E85, PI, etc, etc. Just want to stay close to the twin spooling but land high 700's or even 800 on XI.