Superknock Cly 6


New Member
Sep 18, 2020

can yall help me out on my issue too lol
getting a "superknock cyl 6" code, but seems to be leaning out up top.
20psi im good but anything above 21psi i get this lean out/superknock.

things ive done or changed:
plugs are new gapped at 0.018, new NTK O2's, new Cam shaft position sensors, new crankshaft position sensor, BMP Aluminum manifold Port injection with 750cc injectors, PR coils, cleaned out vanos filters, new index 12s (coded correctly), upgraded from MSD80 to MSD81, new knock sensors, checked compression (all 6 cly are good).

things i havent done yet:
cleaned intake ports, cleaned vanos solenoids, and checked leaked down test.

plz let me know what yall think and give me more ideas i can do to fix this missfire/supcerknock/lean up top.