Slightly USED N54 High Pressure Fuel Pump


Nov 7, 2016
2010 BMW 135i
Hey Guys,

I have for sale a slightly used N54 high pressure fuel pump. Short story is I had it replaced under warranty by Murray BMW here In Denver and had fuel pressure issues even after that. So I assumed the dealer either didn't replace the pump as they stated they would or that maybe it wasn't installed correctly.

I bought a brand new one from ECS tuning and replaced myself and still had the issue... So basically I have 2 new HPFP and can't return the one I bought since it's now installed. So I am selling my old one for $250. It has less than 500 miles and works perfect. Turns out being stupid is very expensive so grab this one while you can. ECS sells their remanufactured one for $410 so this is a deal!

Steven N.
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