E9X Serpentine belt shredded - Engine Apart what to check prior to assemble.

island road

Nov 21, 2016
535xiT 2010 M Sport

So i am working ona 335i xDrive N55 that had a shreded Serpentine belt. I removed all the peices of the belt thoughout the engine. The Pan did not have a lot but the pil pickup tube was filled along with being wrapped aorund the front mail seal an just at the start of crank.

There was some shards in the lower gears but nothing that did not come out easy. I know its possible for these to jump timing when this happens.

While I have the car apart what are some things i can do so when I put this back together I can have a better chance off the engine working. My list is below feel free to add anything that might be of importance or that I missed. would love to hear your feedback if you have done this before and the engine truned out fine.

My Too List
- Repalce all gaskets / Bolts ( Front Main, VC, Oil Pan)
- Make sure the vanos is avancing and retarding propperly (How to check Car needs to be running)
- Check the timing (Need to buy a kit)
- Check Compression (Need to buy a kit)
- Two rounds of Oil change
- Diff Oil


Jan 26, 2020
Whidbey Island, Washington
2012 E92 335i
Sorry about the bad break. I don't have any advice since I have never had this happen to me yet, but I wanted to know a couple of things if you don't mind? how many miles where on the car? has the belt or pulleys ever been changed? Any leaks before the belt busted and lastly did you have any squealing sounds coming from the engine bay beforehand? I appreciate any input; I recently got a squealing sound from my engine bay at idle and bought a new set of pulleys and belt I am hoping that gets rid of the sound.