S55 oil pan for AWD: Is that essentially what the X4 M40i oil pan is?


Jun 4, 2021
Twin Cities, MN
2015 e84 X1 35i Msport
Oil starvation in n54/n55 - it sounds like the s55 solved this. But retrofitting the s55 oil pump & pan is only for RWD cars. I thought x-drive people may be shut out of s55 oiling options because of lack of an AWD s55 oil pan. However, I just saw in a different forum the s55 oiling solution was included in the M2 AND the X4 M40i n55 motors.

The thought occurred to me that the X4 M40i oil pan may be the equivalent of an s55 oil pan but in AWD. If so, this may allow x-drive people to run the s55 oiling set up to avoid oil starvation.

Curious if anybody has anybody looked into this or tried it out?