Review of DUDMD Tune Stage 1 vs. Dinan Stage 3 for N63 x5 50i 2011


Apr 19, 2017
335i e93
This is a review for everyone who is interested as I was in any differences in gains for the N63 x5 50i year 2011. The two tunes I bought for comparison purposes so you don't have to wonder -

1. DUDMD Stage 1 tune = 79 hp @ 5900 rpm / 110 TQ 3150 rpm. Cost: $515 plus shipping costs.
2. Dinan Stage 3 tune = 101 hp @ 6k rpm / 89 TQ @ 6k rpm. Cost: $514 including tax at local Dinan authorized shop - 1 hr to flash.

I sent the ECU to Washington State to get it flashed, it took a couple of weeks to/fro.
Drove with the DUDMD stage 1 tune for one month.
IMPRESSIONS: Feels normal but a tiny bit more antsy but throttle response was a little delayed and power comes too sudden for my taste. Linear delivery for the most part. I could feel some improvement in power and acceleration but nothing to write home about.

Driving normal there is no noticeable difference except throttle response is more immediate and controllable, unlike the delayed DUDMD tune.
It took about 100 miles to adapt. OK, this tune you can definitely feel a substantial difference from the DUDMD tune... whether it's from a stop light or you want to pass on the freeway, the heavy suv sheds its weight instantly. It feels substantially faster than the DUDMD Stage 1 and it is much more controllable and responsive. No additional hardware was required. Car is totally stock with this tune as well as the DUDMD tune.

FUTURE ADDITION AND REVIEW: Will add catless DPs from NP Boosted for this 2011 x5 50i. They have them for $180 bucks which is a no brainer considering there are barely any companies making DPs for this model and if you find one, they are expensive as all hell.
I will also be testing the ARM cel delete spacer kit as well as some mini cat spacers to see which if any works. ARM swears up and down that their spacer will work and that they specifically calibrated their unit for BMW's...whatever that means. I believe they will also work to guide you on how to make adjustments if it doesn't work initially.

I want to see if there is any difference when I add catless DPs to this Dinan Stage 3 tune... the dinan shop guy said probably not...but then again, he also said there's no way to solve the cel light with catless and that it's not possible to install because its illegal... as if nobody has ever done it. He did not realize my background so I just let him talk. I predict at the very least, turbo spool will improve, and that alone is worth it.

Summary, I would recommend the Dinan Stage 3 over the DUDMD Stage 1. Same price, better performance.

That be all for now.