Please help with 2-3 psi drop in boost but WGDC is the same??


Jul 22, 2022

Looking for some advice before I start ripping the car apart. I just completed a tune with a nice tuner guy. I was hitting about 23psi to the red line however today it's only managing just under 20psi and I can feel it. The strange thing is the WGDC is exactly the same when you look at the same RPM on both logs. So for instance 5000rpm/48.5% WGDC/19.89 psi VS 5000rpm/48.8% WGDC however 22.4 psi.

The turbos are new 19t's and have not been used over about 24psi with very few runs on them. I have yet to check for boost leaks again.

If it was a boost leak would I not see the WGDC going up and trying to compensate? Is it still possible it's a boost leak but the car is not compensating for it?

Any advice is welcome!