Datalog Over boost code and power loss


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Oct 13, 2020
2007 335i
A bit more information about the car and mods would help a lot.
2007 335i. Catless down pipes, dual cone intake, exhaust ends just after dp and seemed to be worse after I did that. Mostly for play. Mhd stage 2 usually but did try 2+ also. At the track it was killing my power but low power mode wasn’t up just high boost pressure and boost controller deactivated.
prior to this with exhaust cut off it would start crackling and breaking down at higher rpm doing a burnout or pealing away but not on full throttle otherwise.After I got home from the track and changed tune again it breaks down after 1/4 throttle once I get into the throttle a few times. I also tried going back to stock tune but issue was still there, felt like 150hp or so