O-ring seals for charge pipes


Jan 23, 2018
I've had some minor boost leak issues in the past that I've vanquished by replacing all of the pressurized OEM charge pipe seals with o-rings.

A buddy first put forward replacing the charge pipe to throttle body o-ring with a larger o-ring. I figured I'd share this for the rest of those who want to replace the rest of the OEM seals with better sealing, inexpensive, non-directional o-rings. The grand total of this setup is $3.00, plus $7 for two day shipping, so $10 altogether. I've boost leak tested it up to 30 psi without any leaks.

Be warned that installing fresh o-rings requires significantly more effort. After they've been installed for a while, they form to the seal path better and are easier to reinstall. That first time is a real pain, but it can be done. Be sure to lightly grease both the o-ring and the sealing surface that it'll be sliding onto.

These are the largest cross section o-rings I've been able to fit. Hope this makes all of your boost leaks go bye bye, too.

Turbo outlet: 1 - 4.5mm X 49mm - $.98

Throttle body: 1 - 4mm x 81mm - $.90

Intercooler: 2 - 4mm x 59mm - 1.12$