Ad: No boost, no codes. Nothing


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Sep 10, 2018
I have a problem with my car, recently just had a load of maintenance and some upgraded turbos installed.

Anyway, the car will not build boost at all, the logs show Ecu psi is 0, boost is 0, target is 0 regardless of revs, checked everything so far,
Boost solenoids, vacuum lines, charge pipe, wastegates, the whole nine yards.

Can anyone chime in and give me any help/advice as it’s driving me nuts and I’m dying to enjoy the new turbos.

Should note everything which got done
Inlets, outlets, new valve cover with the head ports plugged, ofhg, oil cooler gasket, water pump and thermostat, new gc 2.0, or coils, step colder plugs, jb4 with a bef (wedge).

Any help will be deeply appreciated.