New member from CO USA 6 speed 340ix Msport


Jan 11, 2021
Vail pass
Hey all,
First BMW. 340ix Msport/performance 6mt. Most of the miles getting put on the car are driving thru the mountains for skiing.

Came here because I’m planning my second build and this seems to be one of the best places for technical talk. My first build was a supercharged G37.

Since I run catless DPs, running full e85 is top priority for me cuz #environmentalist. So I’m looking into supplementary PI and building my fuel system also to feed a bigger turbo—already have FX180 so just striving for overkill. Just trying to drive out my warranty and plan ahead so i’m ready to pull trigger

2021 Supra is switching to our 6 port design so as if we don’t have enough turbo options out there, we’re about to. And i don’t care what they say, i still want a HKS BOV
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