New Member! 07' 335i Owner....


Jul 7, 2020
07' BMW 335i
I just thought I would say hi...I'm a new member here! I'm a member of the E90Post forums, and N54 Tech....but Spool Street seems like it has a lot more "technical" type people that know there way around coding, engine mods, and over all E9X and N54 type stuff. I'm glad to join and see what I can learn from you guys!

I've got an 07' 335i that I picked up for cheap ($3,500), brought it back from the dead, modded it (DP's, DCI, 7.5" FMCI, MHD Stage 2+ tune, ect,ect)......and I'm here to learn. I'm a manufacturing engineer that's been into cars for as long as I can remember. I used to drag race a 9 second 72' Camaro with a 355 sbc that had a healthy shot of nitrous on it, I'm good and welding/fabrication, I love wrenching on cars.....and I just happened to stumble onto a great deal on an 07' 335i. I'm not your typical BMW owner.....but I don't think many member here are either :grinning: I'm a small block chevy guy.......but these turbo inline 6 N54's are crazy's amazing that you can make as much power out of them as an LS motor.

Just thought I would introduce myself....


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